Our Quest

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Find out more about our Business and Environmental Goals

Kakolee is a family-run business passionate about creating life balance and personal wellness through the sustainability of our environment. Rather than opt for an over-complicated mission statement, our philosophy, or rather our quest, relies on simplicity:

Connecting you, with you, and the planet.

While sustainable and organic products often seem quite an unaffordable and unnecessary option to that of cheaper, mass produced plastic and unsustainable product alternatives. Our business prides itself on affordable, sustainable and socially responsible goods whilst at the same time providing a customer service that is unparalleled.

When you purchase our goods, you are not only benefiting yourself. We are developing close links with partners in Thailand and other Asian countries to provide a fair trade marketplace for small producers to improve their economic and social situation through the manufacturing of our products.

Although we don’t claim to ‘save the Earth’ (or ourselves for that matter) our products and mission are driven by the Kakolee KompassTM as a way of orienting people towards a more sustainable lifestyle. In short, we want our products to make a difference to you, to the planet and to others less fortunate.

Just like our philosophy, The KakoleeTM Kompass is simple and very user-friendly. While a regular compass aids with direction and mapping, The Kakolee Kompass seeks to direct our customers to the four elements we think are most important to enable them to live a life of wellness and greater well being.